Our Services

Managing and collecting financial claims of government/ non-government contracts

We oversee and manage financial claims, organizing them according to MoF’s standards. This assures swift and effortless claim processing without any undue delays. We also offer regular reports that mirror the status of each claim and provide insight into the expected timeframes for their collection. This valuable insight assists our partners in strategically planning their cash flows.

Accounts Receivable Analysis

We meticulously analyze accounts receivable based on their age and significance. This enables us to formulate effective strategies for managing such due amounts.

Development of Claim Plans

We formulate weekly claim plans that define our time-bound objectives and outline the necessary steps to achieve these objectives.

Professional Partner Engagement

We engage with our partners professionally and equitably, offering the support they require to cultivate strong relationships and streamline payment processes.

Preparation of Financial Reports

Our team prepares comprehensive financial reports centered around the management of financial claims. We delve into cash flow analysis, projection of anticipated returns, and recommendations for future performance enhancement.

Process Refinement

We continuously develop and optimize financial claim management processes to heighten efficiency and mitigate financial risks. We meticulously structure and systematize these processes to fortify management and oversight systems.

Debt Control

Our efforts in debt control involve identifying essential measures to curtail it and enhance financial performance. This encompasses devising tailored repayment plans for customers facing challenges and engaging legal external collection services when required.

Process Documentation

We ensure thorough documentation of all processes linked to financial claims management to augment transparency and facilitate future monitoring and analysis.

Constant Evolution

Remaining abreast of the latest advancements in the financial claims system from the Ministry of Finance, we diligently implement these updates to enhance our performance and deliver optimal outcomes for our partners.

Monitoring Outstanding Payments

Our diligent monitoring ensures that outstanding payments to our partners are promptly settled. In the event of payment delays, we proactively take necessary actions to address and resolve these delays.