Our Leaders

Osama Abu Dabeh

Formerly at the helm of operations and at the forefront of transformative initiatives within McKinsey & Company, Osama brings a rich reservoir of experience. His journey as the former CFO of Elixir Management Consultancy, coupled with his pivotal role as an administrative founder, has imbued him with a profound understanding of organizational dynamics. Osama’s earlier roles included spearheading internal audit functions at Samsung.

Khalid Najem

Managing Partner
Drawing from his vast experience across the sales, financial, and wealth management sectors, Khaled has forged his path with renowned national and multinational entities such as Saudi Faransi Capital, AlKhabeer Capital, and Green Stone Wealth Management. However, driven by a vision to elevate the family legacy, he harnessed his visionary leadership and strategic acumen to embark on a transformative journey. Within a remarkably short span, Khaled spearheaded the expansion of the enterprise, now encompassing diverse ventures like Najim Steel Structure, Najm Al Ma'arifa Contracting, Qaws AlHandasi Wood Industries, and Arab Pulse Entertainment Management.

Sami Al-Zuhaibi

Strategic Partner
After establishing Elixir Consultants, Sami became a partner in McKinsey and Company. Throughout his career path, he participated in various transformation projects in KSA.

LAMA S. Murshid

HR, Gov. & Legal Affairs Director
Possessing a Law Degree, an HR Diploma, and a Diploma in Compliance & Corporate Governance certified by the Saudi Financial Academy, Lama stands equipped with a robust academic foundation. Having devoted over a decade at Juffali, one of KSA's eminent family businesses, she helmed the role of Corporate Legal Affairs HR and Government Relations Group Director. Lama’s tenure as Corporate Legal Affairs Director for Khaled Juffali honed her expertise in managing diverse local and international business partnerships, as well as fostering close collaboration with shareholders and board members. Armed with a legal background, Lama excelled in both legal intricacies and organizational structuring, leading her to establish and restructure HR and Government Relations Departments across various subsidiaries of the Group.

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