CEO Message

Kinaz was established in alignment with the rapid growth the KSA market has witnessed in light of Saudi Vision 2030.
This growth entailed that companies and institutions need not only to succeed but also to excel in this highly competitive market which is full of opportunities.
Hence, "Kinaz" was established to be the ultimate supporter of these companies by facilitating their tasks during their journey and enabling them to seize every opportunity.
We committed ourselves to perfectly performing their secondary tasks, allowing them to focus on their core business and soar to new heights.

Kinaz seeks to pioneer the support services sector, relying on its top-notch team possessing expansive experience covering all aspects of the local market, starting from laws and regulations, to processes, requirements, and all takes to stand out in this vital sector.

Since the beginning, we have been determined to focus on three key principles: integrity, credibility, and commitment. These principles have enabled us to win our clients’ trust and exceed their expectations.
We became an extended part of their teams, supporting them, promoting their capabilities, and nurturing their growth. In other words, our services have gone beyond the concept of outsourcing, becoming one of the most important success factors; relying on us to complete clients’ secondary tasks enables them to focus on the key elements that lead to the sought excellence.

Osama Abu Dabeh