Our Services

Managing vendors’ payments

Our expertise in government relations extends beyond the ordinary, encompassing HR contracts and essential governmental documents. Navigating complex regulatory terrain, we ensure seamless compliance and fruitful collaborations with authorities, fostering an environment of trust and efficiency.

Information Analysis

Through rigorous examination of supplier performance and in-depth analysis of their data, we discern reliable partners and nurture enhanced business alliances.

Thoughtful Payment Prioritization

We strategically prioritize payments based on supplier importance and the existing relationships with governmental and semi-governmental institutions.

Accounts management

We manage and thoroughly monitor suppliers’ due payments to ensure timely fulfilment.

Receipt and verification

After receiving invoices from suppliers, we check them against purchase orders and delivered goods or services. This is to ensure absence of disparities or errors in pricing, quantities, or terms.

Invoice approval

our services facilitate invoice approval processes within our clients’ organizations, ensuring that such invoices are reviewed and approved by the designated staff members.

Payment processing

Once invoices are approved, we take care of the payment processes on behalf of our customers. This includes creating payment orders, obtaining the necessary approvals, and executing payments.

Supplier Communication

Engaging in regular communication with suppliers, updating them on pending payment developments, and keeping tabs on their financial standings. When faced with payment challenges, we engage in productive negotiations to devise suitable and efficient solutions.

Monitoring Outstanding Payments

Our diligent monitoring ensures that outstanding payments to our partners are promptly settled. In the event of payment delays, we proactively take necessary actions to address and resolve these delays.

Dispute resolution

In the event of invoice or payment disputes, we proactively communicate with suppliers to resolve issues on behalf of our clients. Our goal is to find amicable solutions while minimizing any negative impact on client-supplier relationships.

Fostering positive relationships

Focusing on promoting relationships between government institutions, semi-government institutions, and suppliers by providing the necessary support following a professional approach.